SO after Forty+ years in the business I decided…

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Janiva Magness getting an award

Ok…This might sound silly but, I didn’t realize I had put out 12 records… until I had put out #12 and I got asked… HOW MANY is that…??? In HOW MANY YEARS???

I don’t know, 12 records sounds like a big deal to me… And it gave me pause…

Stay with me on this brief Post if you can…

Here we are in 2016 and man-o-man have things have changed dramatically for recording/touring artists like myself. The landscape is totally different. Jack or Jill of all trades doesen’t even cover it.

In order to survive these days, I have had to develop a sort of Renaissance mentality MEANING
I have to be able to “swing thru the air with the greatest of ease”. Traverse the high wire then
gracefully leap head first as needed… landing on both feet… Often into the great abyss of social media platforms, skillfully selecting the best way to stay connected and engaged with fans and friends AKA THE NET!

All the while smiling and not lettin’ ya see me sweat… As far as I am concerned its Reality Comedy.

SO hold tight cause here we go again… SO… After Forty+ years in the business and 12 records, I decided maybe it was time to take a look at ALL that has been done, recorded and documented over the course of my “too stubborn to give up”
career. Sort of a retrospective of the recording journey so to speak.

ON August 2nd, less than two weeks from now I will be starting a three part Interview series.
This Special Series w/Q & A is in dialogue with acclaimed LA Music Critic Steve Hochman
(Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, KPCC’s Take Two, BuzzBandsLA, KQED’s The California Report)

I have been asked a lot of questions over the course of my career. About music, about my life’s early beginnings and my herstory. Oddly I have not been asked much about the deep history of my recording career.

The actual How? Why? Who played? Why keep going? Touring? and How the hell I managed to release 12 records as Janiva Magness? Then there is the treasure trove of archival stuff I have held onto over the course of more than 40 years of making music. Good thing I have not been able to throw that stuff out!!!

Please click the link below for details and tickets $10.00 each:

PART 1 “BECAUSE I CAN” August 2nd, 4 pm sharp 75- 90 min Live from Los Angeles, CA

I hope you will join us for PART 1 of this series “BECAUSE I CAN” on August 2nd

PS… There WON’T be a repeat of this interview. It WON’T be recorded for release on a later date…
Its real… Its live and in person, it’s interactive and its happening exclusively and ONLY on August 2nd.

As ever any comments or questions please below and I will do my best to respond ASAP.

Love – Janiva


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