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    • Popshifter Review

      “Magness has an unbelievable voice, emotive and strong, and writes personal lyrics that speak to everyone.” Written by Melissa Bratcher See Full Article


      Review by Steve Leggett This is easily her best album, mostly for the heartbreaking exactness of her writing… See Review on ALLMUSIC Site


      By Bill Bentley Magness…proving herself to be the champion her fans have believed her to be all along. See Article The Morton Report website

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    June 24th 2014

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    • Yeah…. A Declaration of Independence….Strap In!

      Hey Everybody if you’re out there… Here is the FULL article that I wrote about the leap of faith and going to my own  FATHEAD RECORDS label and th eupcoming release of ORIGINAL on June 24th…Maria Shriver just Blogged about and then put into her Twitter feed…WOW!  Hellova way to start MY day!   ARead the Rest…

    • I cant believe I blog once a year!

      WHAAAAT?!?!?!?! That’s so CRAZY! It’s also wild how much a life can change between blogs, right? I guess it shows how much is on my plate.. I suppose that can be viewed as a good thing, I am just trying to keep my head above water most of the time… SO we are in theRead the Rest…

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